The Hills Treatment Center

The Hills Treatment Center
Located at:
8207 Mulholland Drive
Los AngelesCA 90046
The Hills Treatment Center is dedicated to providing a safe, structured environment for individuals in a transitional phase of recovering from chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. During this transitional period, we empower clients to transform their lives replacing their old feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness with renewed optimism, dignity and confidence. Our clients are given tools to begin building their new foundation of lasting recovery. Our support staff is committed to excellence while ensuring each client feels fully supported through this transitional period. Residents are encouraged to attend 12 Step meetings or group therapy sessions as well as continuing to see their personal therapist or psychiatrist. The end result is our clients begin to develop realistic and attainable goals and ultimately a new vision of life. Our goal is to replace one’s demoralization, shame and guilt with honor, dignity and a sense of one’s true self. At The Hills Center we help our clients gain an understanding that drugs and alcohol have created depression, demoralization and the experience of feeling out of control. As a result of this realization our clients begin to recognize that they have become powerless over their use of drugs and alcohol and have lost their sense of personal power in the process. In helping our clients to understand their primary purpose, we teach them to live with honor and dignity as they begin to regain personal power over their lives and the ability to live their dreams.

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